Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fun With Myspace Ads!

Myspace typically loses its appeal after a while, but the constant changing of ridiculous ads always keeps me coming back for more. Here are two of the many random ones that popped up on my Myspace page today. Enjoy.Yeah, no. So I'm not 100% up-to-date on all the different kinds of acne that "the kids" can get these days, but I'm not as certain that this chick needs acne medicine as much as she needs a 12-step program to stop her meth addiction that is, clearly, eating away at her face. Luckily she is still smiling with both her mouth and her eyes so at least Tyra would be proud. Once "Melanie Meth-Head" finishes her 12-steps she should also seek treatment for her need to put out cigarettes on her forehead. Not only is this dangerous for her, but I'm pretty sure this can also somehow cause forest fires. Sure, times can be tough but a little TLC is all she needs.
Now does this ad want to tell me when I will die or when David Archuleta from American Idol will die because I'm guessing that they're somehow using his likeness without his written consent or the permission of the American Idol slave owners who currently own him. As a quick sidenote, why would I ever want to know when I was going to die and why do I need a subscription to help me figure this out. Sweet Jesus forbid that my expiration date was tomorrow, I'd be pissed as hell that I've spent my last moments typing........................................................just kidding. You thought I died. Awkward "ha-ha-" on you! Anyway, I clicked on this add to see if I could find out when David Archuleta was going to die to see if I should vote for him or not on mean so I can tell "my friend" if he should vote for David Archuleta on Idol.


sara said...

hahaha omg i thought that looked a lot like david a. too!

Anonymous said...

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