Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hey It's All My Childhood Friends!

It's no mystery that I love TV. I love television. Just like those people in that commercial that love to make Tylenol, I love to watch television. It rots my brain and that feels good. To no surprise I loved watching TV even as a little blogger in waiting. Well folks, last night, all my childhood TV friends were at "A Mother's Day Salute to TV Moms" that was held at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood, CA. Some of the attendees were TV moms, some were TV janitors, and some were just on TV. That's good enough for me!

I love how Mrs. Garrett literally looks crazier than a shit house rat. I had to place Mrs. Garrett and Beverly Ann at opposite ends of the photo gallery as I assume there is still tension between them once Beverly Ann replaced Mrs. Garrett on Facts of Life. Was there ever a Mr. Garrett, by the way? Then we have Elyse Keaton, whose teeth always bothered me even at a young age. I've then placed Ann Romano on top of Schneider because I always assumed Ann would be on top. Then there's always Whitley Gilbert. I tossed her in there just for good measure. Oh, did I mention that I refuse to call these actors by their real names? I refuse. They'll always be their characters to me and I like to pretend they're real. TV = good for me.


Taylor said...

I love Chloris Leachman, that is all.

( assuming that's her...right right ?? )

DebilDog said...

All your childhood friends?! That's really sad if you think about it! I guess I know what your parents used as a babysitter when you were growing up! Next time you see your parents give 'em a hug for me and tell them thanks for being so self absorbed in their own lives that they sat you in front of the tv for countless hours! If it weren't for your tireless hours of research and loss of all physical activity outside of switching the channel when you were a kid, what else would I have to read when I'm goofin' off at work? I'm just sayin' ;)

that's what she said...

And where the hell are Angela Bower and Maggie Seaver?

melissa said...

Tell me somebody saw Charlotte Rae call Jackie Collins a bitch.

Classic! Mrs. Garret dont take shit from nobody!!!!

noelle said...

duh yes there was a mr. garrett. he was in season one.