Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tyra Takes Her Boobs to the CW Upfronts

I have two beautiful girls standing in front of me. One girl has been perky and full the whole time. The other girl has been pushed a little in the background and not as even throughout this...whole....competition. So who stays? The boob that's been perky or the boob that still has some potential? I'm sorry. Both boobs are to go back to the house, pack up their belongings and...go....home.
Enough. So Tyra and her rack attack were at the CW Upfronts where they talk about all things CW and so a little promotion of their shows to get the advertisers to spend some good old cash money. Tyra, of course, discussed herself and her show, America's...Next....Top....Model.

However, Tyra isn't just using her rack attack to conquer the CW. She's also bringing her girls to ABC this Fall too. Ty Ty is teaming up with the always annoying Ashton Kutcher for a top secret reality show that deals with beauty pageants. This show is supposedly so top secret that they haven't released the name of it yet and would barely talk about it at the ABC Upfronts just the other day. This show better consist of Tyra dressing up in various disguises every episode!

Be sure to check out the season final of America's Next Top Model tonight and check back tomorrow morning for the finale recap from Jenny.

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