Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ashlee Simpson's Pregnant Rack

Yeah so we all know that Ashlee Simpson has a human growing inside her. Gross. It's also old news. You know what isn't old news? These recent pictures of Ashlee Simpson's rack expanding as she was out in Hollywood the other day. And, what's even better is that she was captured in the perfect pose for me to photoshop in a parrot on her hand and her head. And her head! What's better than that? A big rack and parrots? All just seems right with the world.

What month is she in? Month 4? I can't wait for month 6. And then 9! Yowza! Yowza! Yowza! Do you think if I wrote her a letter and asked if I can photograph her when she's dilated to 7 she'd let me? I bet she would. She seems cool like that. Once she's dilated to 10 I'm totally jumping in.

Oh, in actual Ashlee Simpson news.....there isn't any. Her CD tanked. She's pregnant. That'll be all.

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Taylor said...

that is so f-ing nasty. I reallly don't like her, and seeing that,,, doesn't help.