Monday, June 23, 2008

Ebony and Retardory

Heidi Montard, who apparently is taking hairstyling tips from Dina Lohan, was not only showing her support (and horselike features) at the Boost Mobile Rock Corps concert at the Gibson Amphitheatre in CA the other night, but she also really showed her talent while on stage with 30 Rock's Tracy Morgan. What a match made in heaven and by "heaven" I mean "hell." It's Opposites Day here at IBBB!

Steve Sanders was also there and remained extremely low-key while Heidi took to the stage and performed her ass off. What a real treat this must have been for everyone involved. I'm still wishing that her horse from Crested Butte would make a cameo every once in a while. It's not fair to that horse and, as you know, I am a major animal lover and feel that the horse is being unjustly punished.

In other Heidi and Steve Sanders news, Stephanie Pratt (Sandy Sanders) has been telling people lately that supposedly Heidi and Steve Sanders will be getting married in the next few months. I find that hard to believe. And, there is NO WAY they would EVER film it for an episode of The Hills or for a spinoff....or for a special. No way. These two would never sell out like that.

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