Monday, June 16, 2008

Get Out, Right Now

So remember that Kira Plastinina story I ran earlier this morning about Audrina and her teeth attending? Yeah, well that little bitch JoJo was also there. If you don't recall, JoJo was that 14 year old singer who sang such songs that included lyrics such as "Come with me, stay the night" and "Get out (leave), right now." It was at that time I assumed (and wrote about) how JoJo was totally going to get knocked up. However, now I'm seeing her again and she's suffering from what I like to call GUABF. GUABF can happen to any younger star that was sorta cute, but then they grow up a bit and their face totally loses it. Oh, and GUABF stands for "Grown Up Amanda Bynes Face." Yeah. Amanda Bynes is all grown up now and just isn't hot even though her body is. It's not looking too promising for JoJo, but we'll give her a few more years for her face to grow into her body...literally. Although, JoJo is rocking the Angela Bower 80' power business woman suit, sans shoulder pads.

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