Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey That's My Olsen!

What a great way to start my Monday! I'm not sure how old these are, but here are some killer photos of an indistinguishable Olsen from someones party that Nicole Richie and Joel Madden also attended. Mary-Michelle-Ashley-Kate-Gibbler-Tanner-Olsen had on a traditional Winehouse headpiece that I believe is native to the land called "England." The Olsen in question took a crack at the pinata, sipped on some Amstel Light, kept a cigarette in her mouth, and borderline dry-humped a little defenseless dog. With ripped nylons and an oversized flannel shirt to boot, this was an Olsen party that would rival Michelle Tanner's 5th birthday when DJ, Stephanie, Uncle Joey and crew dressed up like the Flintstones. I am a little disappointed I wasn't invited. I mean, I like Amstel Light and Olsen's. And, I'd even love that dog for the night and by "love that dog" I really mean "would make intercourse with it until the collar popped off" if that would get me any closer to an Olsen fiesta.

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