Thursday, June 12, 2008

...In Other News...

A little housekeeping business to discuss. IBBB will be heading to Boston for a few days to be wicked pissah and have some beeeeeah's wit' Sully, Murph, and crew. To translate, I'll be hanging out with my family and friends and literally cannot wait! So, the next few days around IBBB will be a bit quiet so please check out some of my blogging friends, most of whom dislike me, but visit them anyway. Oh, and if an Olsen Slut somehow gets stuck in a well, I'll find a way to report that. Wicked pissah!

~ Tom Cruise Fights More People ~ AgentBedHead
~ Winehouse Crack Cleavage ~ DSF
~ Tila Tequila Gets More Retarded ~ Websters
~ Clooney Hates the Rack? ~ CS
~ Boy George Still Likes the Makeup ~ PopBytes
~ Harrison Ford at the Kiddies Table. Perv. ~ Ayyyy
~ Because DListed Will Never Link to Me ~ DListed
~ Naomi Campbell is Interesting Again ~ Yeeeah
~ Paris Hilton Tries to Steal My Job! ~ POTP
~ Katherine Heigl is Also Retarded ~ FatBack
~ LC and Audrina Friends Again ~ EvilBeet
~ Pam Anderson Still Looks Like 1993 ~ IDWYL


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, baby!

Go C's. Spank that ass.

Have a good couple days break, Tollbooth Willie.

"I'm comin outta the booth!"