Tuesday, June 17, 2008

...In Other News...

I didn't know that Tina Knowles made clothes for other singers? Rihanna picked up the Best International Video Artist at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto. In other news I am traveling back to NYC today so posting will return to its normal stupidity tomorrow. In other other news...

~ What 80's Trash Dated Posh Spice? ~ AgentBedHead
~ Oh Hi Fergie's Knees ~ DSF
~ NKOTB Goes Boy Band Crazy ~ Websters
~ Celebrity Puzzle Game ~ Ayyyy
~ Winehouse Passes Out ~ POTP
~ The Hogan's Get Yelled at Again ~ CS
~ Holy Chaka King Khan! ~ PopBytes
~ Jenna Jameson: Always the Whore ~ IDWYL

1 comment:

Jim said...

hopefully someone that hot will show up on america's got talent tonite. if someone does, i'd give the 100 million. check out their competition.