Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lauren Hutton at Bravo A List Awards. So, Uh, What the Hell is She On?

So I got to go to the Bravo A-List Awards which taped last night in NYC thanks to kick-arse NYC event website that I contribute to every once in a while. I'll give you one or two overall recaps of the A-List Awards, but I felt that Lauren Hutton absolutely needed her very own post.

Now keep in mind that these awards taped about almost 3-hours of footage, but they'll only be airing like 90 minutes, so I'm not sure what they will cut out in editing. However, let me tell you, the highlight of my night was watching Lauren Hutton win some Lifetime Achievement Award. First off, when they announce her name she just stands at the top of the stairs and keeps standing there until someone tells her to start walking down them. Then, she comes down the stairs like she's trying to balance herself walking a tightrope 7,500 feet off the ground. I immediately assume she's drunk, but brush it off as awkwardness. Oh, and then she starts talking. Now she claims she's really "tired" and has been up for 46 hours, but after she starts talking about taking 10,000 of the actual A-List Awards and putting them in one of the holes in the atmosphere, we all started to wonder what in the holy hell she was talking about. Then all of a sudden she kind of laughs and says that she's standing by what she just said. At this point of her never ending speech of randomness literally the entire place is all looking at each other and everyone has the moment of "Ohhhhh, she's on something, I get it now!" For the remainder of the speech she is all awkwardly putting the award up in the air and then behind her back and she just keeps swaying and fidgeting. Lauren also takes the time to tell us all the different things she can do with the award. It was great. I'm hoping they air it in its entirety, but something tells me they won't.

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