Monday, June 23, 2008

Lindsay Lohan is Sidewalk Camouflage

I don't know why Lindsay No Pants will never listen to me. She's always about 2 inches from Freddie Krueger and just doesn't seem to care that she's about to get slashed at a moments notice. Anyway, Samantha Rotten and Lindsay No Pants were reunited over the weekend after Lindsay was busy filming more scenes from her upcoming film "Labor Pains" which I hope they change to "Growing Pains" and just hire the actors from the show Growing Pains and call it a day Moving on.

Lindsay is totally sidewalk camouflage. If it wasn't for her trillions of red freckles I wouldn't have even noticed her. At first I was like, "Why is that bag floating?" I assumed the freckles were stars and the bag was a planet, but after further investigation it turned out to just be Lindsay. Samantha was looking as elegant as ever and I'm pretty sure that if she were to take off her little boys t-shirt we would quickly discover some sexy yellow pits stains and some crispy ring around the collar. From the side you can almost see the outline of boob. She really should use duct tape when trying to hold those bad boys down. Masking tape won't do diddly squat in the heat.

When are these two going to come clean and admit they're doing the "greeter bump" with each other? I'm highly anticipating Dina Lohan's stroke (in every sense of the word).

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