Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Meg Ryan Looking Less Frightful

I'm glad we're living back in a world where Meg Ryan is looking less frightful again. From the looks of it she let her lips simmer down a bit and went back to her haircut from "When Harry Met Sally" days, which is fine by me. I will now officially declare today as "Meg Ryan is Sorta Hot Again" Day! The parade starts at noon.

Meg Ryan and a cast of other random characters attended the Women in Film's 2008 Crystal Lucy Awards last night in LA. Just to clarify, you can only win an award if you have both a vaginastein and at least one boob. If you've somehow magically spouted a penis you will, of course, be disqualified.
Nicole Richie was there looking like she's almost back down to her fighting weight of 26 pounds, while Eva Mendes was there showing off her man hands. I love Eva Mendes, but if she accidentally lost both of her hands in a terrible fishing accident I would be so fine with it. Even Rumer Willis was there because she's done a lot So, yeah Rumer Willis was there.

But of course, my favorite attendee with both a rack and a vaginastein would have to be Lori Loughlin, more commonly known as Aunt Becky. I haven't seen her with Uncle Jesse a lot lately so I'm guessing their getting a divorce and will no longer be "doing their taxes" in Danny Tanners attic. Seriously, Lori must be counting down the days until the new 90210 starts up so she can be "real" famous again and not just "Full House" famous. Bring it on Becks!

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