Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nicole Richie Gets Non Reality TV Work

Nicole Richie had to bring her bony ass back to traffic school (pictured above) the other day which stems back from that one time when she used her SUV as a war missile and drove it the wrong way up the highway. Wait, is that typically frowned upon? She looks psyched to be there. And fat.

In other Nicole Richie news (that doesn't have to do with her baby) she is set to guest star in the NBC show "Chuck" next season as the old high-school bitch bag of one of the main stars of the show. Very fitting. It's good that Nicole is getting some acting work. I mean she is totally qualified to do so. She said "that's hot" in about 3 seasons of The Simple Life, so what more credentials do you need? Clearly, Chuck is jumping the shark....the very skinny shark.....with alien like toes.....and really really big sunglasses......and a shark father who's Lionel Richie.

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