Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saint Jennifer Lopez Plays Politics

Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her big bag-o-sass quickly walked up the halls of the Hart Senate Office Building yesterday and ducked into Obama's office. The pictures show J Glow wearing all black (probably to help camouflage her big ass) and sunglasses as office buildings are usually very sunny and bright. Once word in the building spread that the Saint J Lo was there people lost their shit and everyone came running. Really? A lot must not go on in Illinois.

I'm glad that Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx is having secretive meetings in Obama's office. She is, clearly, qualified for anything political. She has the magic touch with her singing and acting, so I'm sure this will work out well for Obama. Hopefully his campaign song will be "Waiting For Tonight."
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Rachel said...

As much as I have doubts about Obama's skills, I feel sorry for him. Every parasite will be wanting a piece of the action - from wannabe politicos to wannabe entertainers. What does JLo know about politics? Or that intellegent beast Scarlett, who's wandering why Obama hasn't answered her she THAT deluded?

They love him now that he's popular. Just wait until he is President, when the shine comes off. I certainly hope Obama knows who's really on his side and who is not.

Rachel said...

I misread ScarJo's response. Still my opinion stands

The One And Only Allie B. said...

You're right, there's never anything going on in Illinois...thanks for reminding us, asshole.

Anonymous said...

That isn't junk in the trunk, that's a landfill.

Holy mother of god, her ass make's Kardashian's seem miniature.