Thursday, June 19, 2008

Saint Jennifer Lopez & the Twins

What a blessed event. Saint Jennifer Lopez de las Bronx and her wife, Marc Anthony, get off their private jet with their twins wrapped up in what I can only assume is office rugging from the late 1970's. She's just a simple girl from the Bronx, but not the normal Bronx we all know. I'm talking about the Bronx that has private jets. All caught up?

The "Holy Trinity" landed in Belgium shortly after J Glow gave a surprise performance at a school in Staten Island. The children, it was reported, were so surprised to see her and I'm assuming she was just as surprised to see so many little boys all tanned up and with waxed eyebrows. Ahhh Staten Island, you can never start them too young.


Anonymous said...

HILARIOUS!! "Little boys all tanned up with waxed eyebrows," the sad part is that it's probably true!!! I'm sure she was also asking herself why do all of these boys have blowouts? Aren't we in 2008 and not 1999?

Keep up the good work

Jito said...

Ah, but private are jets are definitely NOT just for rich and famous folks (like mega-celebrity Ms. Lopez) nowadays (as discussed in a fascinating article at the website).