Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Step Up From Her "Honey" Onesie

Ok I need to guys to stay with me for a second. Does anyone see a slight resemblance of Mariah to Kathy Lee Gifford with a tan? I'm owning it. I'm sticking with that. Anyway, Mariah Carey was filming new scenes from her next video, "I'll Be Lovin' You Long Time." No really, it's called that. I can't wait for Japan to lose their shit over that! They'll probably be so mad they'll barely be able to focus on crashing their cars and buying an excessive amount of Hello Kitty crap. Oh I don't care.

A lot of people have been talking smack about Mariah in her bikini, but I think she looks good and I've always had a thing for Kathy Lee, so it's clearly a win-win for me. I think she's definitely stepped it up from when she shot her "Honey" video and wore that rubber onesie. Although I'm not totally satisfied until I see at least 4 ribs on my celebrity crushes, but that's me. Perhaps you only like to see 2 ribs. The point is, we're all different. On the set of her video was her first husband, Nick Cannon, and I guess that's news worthy so I decided to share it.
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Yvette said...

OMG I do. That is scary.

Taylor said...

I liked the Honey Onesie, that is one of my favorite videos of her.

I am decided on the fact that I like her, no matter how train - wreck she is. I do not however, like that muddy fake tan, I think its really odd. But, whatever...