Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tori Spelling Gives Birth

So Tori Spelling did not shoot her baby out of her vagina yesterday, June 9th. She had it cut out of her, like an alien. It's called a c-section. That's how that works, kids, so if you have any specific questions, ask your parents. We already knew that Tori was having a girl (6lbs, 8oz.), but we didn't know her name.....until now. I was really truely hoping that the name would be "Donna" as that would have been awesome, but sadly it's not. And the name is......Stella Doreen McDermott.

I know what you're thinking, but I have to tell ya I love the first name, "Stella" as it is legit the name of my favorite beer. No joke. What could be better than that!? If she were my daughter every time I called her name I would probably grab a beer, which means I would be drunk most of the day, which means I would be a lot more fun...and fun = good parenting. See the cycle? If I were Tori, though, I would probably drop the name "McDermott." There are many reasons for that, which I will explain at a later time.

Congrats Tori! Now get your ass back in 90210 shape! You have a set of stairs that Ray Pruit needs to toss you down and he shouldn't have to lift your fat ass. Get to work.

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kasey said...

stella is your favorite beer? really? come on Ibbbb.