Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wake Up San Francisco

Rebecca Donaldson is looking pretty good for her age, even with that one tooth that's turned almost totally into her two front teeth......but who's really looking that close. Aunt Becky was at that "A Time for Heroes Celebrity Carnival" where famous people did nice things for charity and intentionally made me feel bad for posting pictures of them from the event and pointing out their f'd up tooth. Thanks "Becks."

Anyway, seeing pictures of Aunt Becky really gets me pumped for the new 90210. I hope her storyline involves getting into a gang bang with Mrs. Teasley in the dumpster behind the Peach Pit while Nat looks on. Oh, and I also hope they bring David Silver's old dorky friend, Scott, back to life. Sure he accidentally shot himself, but his character had real potential.

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