Friday, June 06, 2008

Whitney's Hills Spinoff???

I can't believe this might actually be happeninK! Everyone's favorite advice giver on The Hills, Whitney, may in fact be gettinK her own "Hills" spinoff. Santa Claus, you really are a miracle maker. You too, Jesus!

A source (probably MTV) has got in touch with Us Weekly, the magazine who blows The Hills on a weekly basis, that they are working on a Hills spinoff in which Whitney works in both LA and NYC for that fashion PR sweatshop "People's Revolution" with Wednesday Adams, more formally known as Kelly CUNTone.

Supposedly, while good old Whit is in NYC she becomes friends with a bunch of douchey socialites, including Olivia Palermo, whoever the hell that is. I assume she's the lady who played the grandmother in Family Matters.

Anywhit, I'm f'n psyched if this crap comes true and I will bump those two Olsen Sluts to the bottom of my stalking list and place Whitney all that way at the top. I am willing to be Whitney's love interest, the guy who teaches her to stop replacing her "G's" with "K's" or I'll even play the dude who serves some jail time for kidnapping her and forcing her to give up all her Hills secrets. I won't be "playing" that part as much as I'll be "living" that part. Either way I'm making it into Us Weekly.

I'm hoping this new series will be called "Spaz and the City."

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Fan Of IBBB said...

Hot Holy Damn! I can't wait! F'ink sweet!