Monday, June 09, 2008

Wicked Pissah Sully! Grab Me My Beeeah!

Better late then never. Who doesn't love a good Red Sox brawl? Watching Coco Crisp charge the mound brings back memories of Pedro Martinez throwing down Don Zimmer. The Sox were playing the Devil Rays at Fenway when Shields aimed for Crisp while up at bat. If I were Shields, when Crisp started to run after me I would have immediately gone into "Crane Technique" position. It worked for Daniel LaRusso, so I assume it would have worked for me.

I love a good brawl. As a sidenote, Crisp was suspended for 7 games, Shields for 5. 8 players were also also fined for their role in the fight. Say what you want about the Red Sox, but it's still fun to watch. Remember kids, fighting does in fact solve problems, makes you cool, and makes you fun to watch. So the next time someone on the playground hits you during dodge ball, definitely charge them. Just make sure one of your little buddies has their camera phone on them. Then upload it to YouTube. Thanks.

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