Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Audrina is a Doggie Pedophile!

Can someone please tell me just exactly where Audrina is looking when the camera is going off? No really. Tell me. Because it looks like no matter what picture I see of her she is always looking half at the skyline and half at the top of the camera. You do the math. Anyway, Audrina not only cuddled up with a dog at the Boost Mobile table at the LNA Clothing party in Malibu the other day, but she's also flashing her dogs "gentlemen greeter" right towards me.

I was staring at that dogs crotch like I was looking for Waldo in a crowd of people all wearing red striped shirts. After trying to figure out if that was "doggie business" being shown I finally decided that after 15 minutes it was. Then I realized I was looking at a dogs vagina. Then I realized I was writing about. Then I realized just how much I loved this blog. Go green!

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