Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bindi Irwin, That Bitch, Just Won't Quit

My arch nemesis, Bindi Irwin, is at it again. The Australian Olsen Slut in training is pissing flowers and sunshine while interviewed by some Australian newspaper, which I assume is just a couple of words painted onto a boomerang. How many stereotypes have I hit so far? Are we up to 5 yet? Anyroo, here's what that bitch Bindi had to say:

On being famous: "I don't think of myself as being famous. I just feel I'm a teacher who is teaching wildlife conservation. Being well known is a way of getting the conservation message out, which is really nice."

On her little brother Bob: "Robert has a great approach to life. He lives one day at a time and doesn't worry about what will happen in the future. He just likes to play with his chickens and revels in the moment which is happening...which is a good way to be."

On her tenth birthday: "I'm very excited. Our tradition is that birthdays are not just for yourself but for sharing. Every birthday is very exciting - you wake up in the morning so excited because everyone is coming. It's so exciting I can't wait. Double digits means double the fun which is so exciting."

Ugh. She's the worst. Why won't she stop saying "exciting?" Know what's really exciting, Bindi? How about not having your father eaten by a sea-snake type of thing. Oh I don't care she's a bitch.

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