Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boom Kack, Boom Boom Kack is Back!

Alright alright! Santa has been answering my prayers in overdrive lately. The latest was my prayer to Santa Christ asking that he bring back my favorite reality character Laurieann Gibson, or more commonly known as, "boom kack" from Making the Band. Well thanks Santa because boom kack is coming back to Making the Band 4 in the new season that premieres on August 13th. Ch-ch-check out the 2 second clip of her. Hopefully they're not teasing me and she really is back for good. Me gusta boom boom kack.
P.S Sorry for all those times I called it "boom cat." I just assumed.


JayVee said...

Everyone thought it was BOOM CAT or as I prefer Boom Kat. Sounds and looks better. Can't WAIT for the return of Laurie Ann. You betta work!

Nicki Sunshine said...

Diddy has to be the richest, most talented PRICK in the world!!!!