Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Buy That Little Bitch, Bindi

Oh that little bitch strikes again. Bindi Irwin and her fame-hungry PR team are finding new and innovative ways to help Bindi pretend that her dad never died all whilst still raking in the cash. Coming this September now you, too, can purchase your very own Bindi Irwin doll! Move over Barbie because this doll comes dressed in khaki shorts, binoculars, a camera, and some other outback gear. What a treat. Oh and it gets better. Just pull on Bindi and she'll even say the following phrases: "Crikey!" "Let's Go Help Wildlife" and "You Can Make the World a Better Place." Wow, isn't that optimistic. Life sucks, bitch.

Thanks, but I'm going to wait it out until they make a Teri Irwin doll that comes equipped with a bowl-cut-mullet and cameltoe khakis. That's where my paper route money is going. Finally something to spend it on!

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Savannah said...

Part of me hates that post....part of me thinks it is sooooo true!!! You truly are the funniest blogger out there!!! Honestly, some one needs to give you a tv show....

ABOUT RCB said...

Yeah I saw that youngin on Rachel Ray and I know she has been thru alot with the loss of her dad. I realy feel bad for her.

That being said that little girl is one of the most obnoxious little criters I have ever seen.
Just annoying as Hell. I am sorry but its the truth. Damn, I had to turn off the TV after 5 minutes of seeing this this little spastic hyperactive and nutty kid.

BTW, I like your Site . Some really funny and original stuff you got going.

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