Monday, July 21, 2008

Dance Dina, Dance!

Nothing cures a weekend hangover quite like catching up on a little Living Lohan. Please note, while watching Living Lohan do not induce vomiting. Call your doctor immediately. Ok so who saw it last night? In an episode that would rival a script from The Hills, Dina and crew are still in Las Vegas finishing up Ali's new "tracks" which sound basically as bad as one would imagine. It kinda sounds like Tony Danza trying to sing pop. Anyway, Dina seems to find future employees in all the most random places. She found Jeremy (the producer) when he happened to guess her screen-name and IM her. Next up she happens to find the new choreographer in the hotel gym. What luck!

By the end of the episode little Dakota (or "Sam" as I like to call him - remember the little red headed white kid from the last few seasons of Different Strokes?) creates flyers for the Palms Hotel detailing that Dina will be dancing at the hotel. Dina was so surprised when she found this out, but somehow had a whole routine choreographed and even ended her performance with a split in front of ten's of people that paid to see it. Move over Jem, because Dina is truly truly truly outrageous!

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