Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dina Lohan is Like a Broken Record. A Blond Broken Record. A Blond Broken Record Who Dresses Like a Teenager With Fake Hair.

Alright. I love me some Dinasaur Lohan. Clearly. But is there any chance she can stop saying the same crap over and over (and over) again about why she did her reality show? The Dinasaur and Ali (who is obviously pushing retirement age) were on the CBS Early Show, which apparently is still on the air, to defend their reality show "Living Lohan." Here's what Dinasaur had to say (please read this with a deep, deep voice):

"The only reason why I did the show originally was to diffuse the rumors. The press for two years was really horrific on us. Ali is a talented artist. I have two sons as well who have nothing to do with the business. I think at that point, you know, there's such a weird perception of Hollywood families and we're so not like that. We're just normal people."

Good thinking, Dinasaur! Nothing gets you away from the press and the spotlight quite like being in a reality show and then going on a press tour. Brilliant!

Ali, on the other hand, stated that she wanted to do the show in order to prove to people that at 14 years old she did not have a nose job. No really. She said that. Is getting a show that easy these days because if it is I'm all in. I'm heading over to E! and pitching a reality show on this basis: "I want a show to prove to everyone that I do other things than blog." I'm just kidding. I don't do other things.


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