Friday, July 18, 2008

FDA Says "It's OK to Eat Tomatoes Again" But Let's Just Hold Off On Eating Anything Else

When the US Government is taking a quick break from trying to catch Bin Laden they love to mess with us and our food supply. Well, fat asses of America, feel free to eat your tomatoes again because the FDA is claiming that they are safe again and free of salmonella. Yee haw!

However, hot peppers are still being looked at cautiously as they may be the culprit. Although, they thought tomatoes were the culprit at one point. We also thought there were weapons of mass destruction at one point too. Sure they're two different departments of the government, but there are 2 lessons to learn here:

1. The government thinks a lot of things that aren't true. The US has officially become the "Star Magazine" of the world.

2. I would just stick with eating tomatoes and only tomatoes. Every other edible food can and will eventually possibly kills us. Enjoy!

Oh, and as a side note that little mistake that the government made only cost the tomato industry $100 million. No big deal. If they were smart they would say that it's actually cigarettes that probably had the salmonella. But who am I to give ideas. I just write about Olsen's and such.

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