Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Finally, Something Between Britney's Legs That Won't Take Her Money, Y'all!

Praise Jesus, y'all! Finally something between Britney's legs that won't try to take her money! I mean that dude on the other horse is totally going to mug her as soon as she dismounts, but that's a given. It's Mexico. If they're not trying to tell you a wooden duck that they carved on the beach, they're robbing you. There, I said it. Oh I'm just kidding. They sell Chiclet's to you too.

Britney was riding that horse whilst on vacation in Mexico, or "Mexico" as they say in Spanish, like nobodies business. I think someone needs to tell Brit that just because you're following the same motion doesn't mean you're making a new bundle of babies.

Is it just me or are these photos reminiscent of that Brady Bunch episode when the gang were riding donkeys down the Grand Canyon? I think that was one of the only times where we got to see Alice in tight jeans and a flannel shirt. Two words: Hot!


Redneck Celebrity Blogger said...

I guess since geting rid of her Kids, Brit is having time to start to look halfway decent now.
Wonder if down the road she will regret it. Especially leaving those kids to that wonderful Role Model known as K-Fed.
I can see it now with those little rugrats turning loops around the stripper Pole.

Lori said...

WTH are those stinky, disgusting boots that Britney's always wearing? I know this is way too logical and all, but isn't riding a horse the perfect time to be wearing those instead of your skanky flip flops? I'm just sayin'...