Monday, July 28, 2008

If This is Whitney Houston's New Song, Where are the Receipts?

2 things leaked this weekend. Me. And Whitney Houston's alleged new song with Akon that is likely to be released on her new album this fall. I say if this is Whitney's new song, where are the receipts, Diane? I wish. I wish Whitney leaked her new song. Show me the receipts. That joke never gets old with me.

In her new song, Like I Never Left, Whitney shouts out the lyrics, "I want you to love me like I never left. Akon raps a little. Whitney sings talks a little. Now I know that it's a leaked song so it's probably not done yet, but doesn't it kinda sound like one of those songs that you and your friends could record at an amusement park? And then you can buy the tape. And then you take your tape and listen to it in your 1985 Oldsmobile on the drive home. And you and your friends all think it sounds really good. And then you discuss starting a band. And then you realize it will take too much work. And then years later you find that tape. And then you listen to it. And then you are embarrassed over your song choice. And then you wonder what would happen if you one day became famous and that song was leaked. Just me?
Anyway, listen to Whitney's alleged new song below. I'm sure this will stay online for 14 minutes. This song is cheap. This song is whack.
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