Tuesday, July 08, 2008

...In Other News...


Elizabeth said...

Not really sure how to email you, but I really think you need to be on Chelsea Lately, you both seem to have similar humor and right now they are taking submissions to be on her round table discussion she has each episode..

Pop Culture said...

Dearest Elizabeth,
Similar to "Where's Waldo" my email address is hidden within the site. You should know by now that this blog is being held together with gum, 2 toothpicks, and a dried out palm from last Palm Sunday. Anytrash, I've added it to the header of IBBB (right under the blinding blue lettering at the top). In the meantime it is: imbringingbloggingback @ yahoo.com

Also, thanks for the Chelsea Handler idea. I've submitted a tape as the ultimate way to sell out, so feel free to email them and demand it!