Monday, July 21, 2008

Jessica Simpson Kicks Off Her Country Music Career With Some Daisy Duke Denim Cameltoe

Yee Haw! Call your Pappy and your Mammy cuz Jessie Simpson is singing country and not giving up those daisy dukes no matter how many years have passed since they were cool to wear, but at least she looks good in them, y'all!

Jessica was all legs and huge mouth while she performed at the Country Thunder Concert just the other day in Wisconsin. It's been reported that Jessica was boo'd while on stage performing and she said to the crowd this brilliant gem:

"I don't know what your perception is of Jessica Simpson or what tabloid you buy, but I just want you to know that I'm just a girl from Texas; I'm just like you. I'm doing what I love and I'm dating a boy." which the one fan in the crowd replied, "Ok."

As a side note, if you've been keeping up with "The ImBringingBloggingBack Cameltoe Rating the Stars!" and I know you have, I've awarded Jessica with 3 camels out of a possible 4. The way she incorporated the cameltoe whilst on stage and wearing daisy dukes....well, that's just terrific.

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Lisa said...

Call me crazy, but isn't there a serious error with the following statement?? "I'm just a girl from Texas, I'm just like you." Wasn't she speaking to a crowd in WISCONSIN?!!

IBBB said...

Dear Lisa,
You are a genius. Now, I'm a certified genius and I didn't even pick up on that. Therefore you are a certified "Wicked Smart Genius."

At the same time, we can't expect her to know the state she is in. With her cameltoe acting up I assume all the blood has rushed out of her head.