Friday, July 11, 2008

Katie Holmes Completely Sexless

Wow! Will you look at that sexy pancake ass. Yum. And by "yum" I actually mean, "Hey! Wait a Minute! Where's that Ass?" Katie Holmes has had all her sexiness completely sucked out of her. I mean she was never really the "cat's pajamas" as an elderly woman with osteoporosis would say, but she used to look way better than this. And she's only like 26. What a shame. See, now this is what happens when you give birth at such a young age and then mimic your daughters haircut, which just happens to be a bowl-cut. I'm disgusted (and disgusting all at the same time).

Anybowl, Katie Holmes prepped for a little hike while on vacation and made sure she dressed almost as manly as the chick behind her with the walkie-talkie. Is that Tom? It's hard to tell. Both are big strapping bitches.


JDizzle said...

UGH WTF did she ruin herself for? And I think she is a complete f-in retard for not being in the new Batman movie. Dumb dumb dumb (can't even call her a skank) robot.

Burgernoodle said...

eh, what do you expect. if you were married to a gay troll you would probably lose all your sex appeal too. no big mystery there.