Monday, July 28, 2008

Lauren Conrad Tries the Cowgirl Look. Yee-Ho!

Yeah! Lauren Cockring is 2 for 2 in the past week for me. Last week she appeared all sloppy drunk and hot. Now, we have pictures of Lauren doing a little shopping yesterday dressed like a cowgirl. I like it. She's totally that girl who puts on her cowgirl themed outfit, heads on out to The Saddle Ranch in LA, and is double-fisting Bud Lights while slurring the words to "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy." See, now I'm getting sidetracked thinking of LC riding a bull. Ok, I'm back.

Lauren and LOser were all over LA shopping up a shitstorm and popping in and out of such stores as Intermix and Agent Provocateur. I decided to not post any of the pictures of LOser as she is worthless white-trash in my mind.

Lauren has received some heat lately in regards to supposedly not designing her craptasic clothing line, but Lauren is fighting back against those pointless allegations by stating: "I'm involved in the entire process of my designs." Yeah, kinda like she's involved in the entire script on The Hills. Just sayin'.

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melissa said...

I second your efforts to keep LOser's pics off the blog. Somebody PLEASE snip off LC's coattails and leave this one behind!