Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LC Brings Her Talent to Batman Opening

When I think of the World Premiere of "The Dark Knight" I definitely think of Lauren Conrad from The Hills. The 2 go together like jihad and puppies. LC gave her signature smile and was sporting a dress that I'm pretty sure is made of black electrical tape. Now I don't want to say anything, Lauren, but if Heidi Montard was invited to that premiere I'm almost certain she would have had her rack hanging out a little bit more. Just sayin'. I don't necessarily think I would let Heidi beat you at that, but whatever, you're LC...you can do what you want. Also, why didn't anyone tell me that LC was in NYC? It makes it more difficult for me to stalk her when I don't know she's in town. Thanks everyone!

In other pointless LC news, Lauren has recently stated she "Googles" all of her dates/boyfriends to learn more about the and see if she can dig anything up on their ex's. Oh Lauren. You're so relatable. When you Google things do you ever come across IBBB or do you just get side-tracked with porn, you pervert.


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