Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Play the "Britney Spears White Trash Spotter" Game!

This, my friends, is what I like to call a "blogger lay-up." Britney Spears was creepily photographed in the privacy of her own home in her bikini, smoking, and with her son. Now I'm not sure if this is "What's His Face" or "The Other One" but one thing is for certain, it's fun to try to spot all the white-trash stuff in the photo. It's like Highlights for adults! I picked out everything in the first photo and you get to pick out everything in the second photo. In the first photo I found the following "white-trashness":

  1. Woman smoking in a bikini

  2. Christmas bulbs still decorated on the plants...in July

  3. A stray wire sloppily placed in front of an open door without a screen

  4. A small boy reaching for the cigarettes

  5. A small boy holding a lighter

Did I miss anything? What white trash can you spot in the second photo?

As a sidenote, it looks like Britney's working out is finally paying off.



Anonymous said...

This is an old pic, taken before she lost custody.

Name's Keira. What up. said...

Actually it's not. It's quite recent.

In other news- you missed her awesome plastic pink watch.

Adamgv said...

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