Monday, July 07, 2008

Luke Perry to Play Jim Walsh?

Luke Perry, wearing jeans on jeans, was alive and well at LAX over the weekend and by LAX I don't mean the club that "all the kids" go to, I actually mean LAX....the airport. Glamorous. Dylan is looking a little too old to be playing Brenda's love interest in the new 90210, so I'm pushing for him to play the role of Jim Walsh, assuming they will be casting for that. Hopefully all the letters I've been writing to both the producers of the new 90210 and Santa Claus will make this happen.

Oh, and last week I wrote about Shannon Doherty coming back to the new 90210. Praise my Jesus! I then got about 6,000 emails telling me that my favorite, Tori Spelling, was now out of the new 90210. I was devastated as I'm waiting for them to recreate the scene when Ray Pruit tossed Donna's ass down a flight of stairs. Well, after the candle-lit vigil I held, Tori Spelling is saying that she WILL be in the new 90210, but just not in the pilot episode as she is taking care of some family and personal business first. I'm assuming this means she'll either be getting a divorce or she's still waiting to hear if she made the cut for the new Dancing With the Stars. Either way, she's in! Da-da-da-Donna, Da-da-da-Donna. Crrr Crrr!


that's what she said...

gotta love the jean tuxedo.

murray said...

what if he has an affair with one of the new cast members as a story line, teacher-student or father of friend affair?

Pop Culture said...

I feel like at the end of the day someone needs to toss Donna down a flight of stairs. It can either be Ray Pruit or Dylan. Take your pick.