Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mama Mia, Really?

Just a quick thought/observation. Has anyone seen the constant commercials for the new Mama Mia movie? Now I have no desire to go see it as all of the songs being sung in the movie just remind me of bad wedding music when I'll typically leave the dance floor, grab a beer, and sit back down at my table. But, is it just me or does Meryl Streep, Pierce Bronsen, and crew sound kind of horrible while singing? I'm, surprisingly, not even trying to be an asshole. It's just that every time I see the commercial I'm like "Oh God that sounds terrible." It is just me? Perhaps. That'll be all.


Debbie said...

you dance?

Anonymous said...

There was a making of "informercial" on tonight and confirmation that Pierce Brosnan is NO singer - chalkboard and fingernails come to mind