Monday, July 28, 2008

Marisa Miller Does Stuff in Atlantic City Because Who Cares

Finally, a reason to go to Atlantic City! Marisa Miller was paid to host her supermodel ass off at The Pool at Harrahs in Atlantic City over the weekend. Me gusta Maris Miller y me gusta la lapiz tambien. I'm not sure what the second half of that meant, but point being IBBB needs more of Marisa Miller. I don't care that she's my age has already been married and divorced and married again. My standards have been lowered to about grasshopper jumping level.

Besides Marisa just being hot, the people in the background are great as well. This is the typical Atlantic City crowd featuring: Red Bull Dude, Tight Black T-Shirt Douche-Bag, Confused Old Man with Baseball Cap and Camera, and then you have Music Mohawk Man and Regular Jersey Girl right next to Marisa. Ok, well I think I've hit every stereotype I can. That'll be all. Good day.

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