Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mya: My Hips are Like, Whoa

Hey remember Mya? Well I can finally call off the decade long search party because she is not only alive, but comes with a sexy bruised leg too! Looks like someone burnt the roast last night for dinner. Women will never learn! Mya was beach-ready in Barbados just the other day and didn't seem to care that people were taking pictures of her. She sorta reminds me of that female mouse from "An American Tale." What was her name? Screw it. I'm not Googling it.

Anyhips, there is actual Mya news to report besides the fact she is still alive. Apparently Mya was in Barbados to host a major industry event where hundreds had showed up to see her, but she allegedly never showed up. She was able to stay at The Hilton in Barbados thanks to the Tourism Authority paying for it. Thanks Tourism Authority! Now suck it! Sounds like a free trip for my Mya.

I want the Tourism Authority to pay for my trips!? How do I get that started? Should I email them and tell them I have a blog? I bet that'll work.

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Anonymous said...

The mouse was called Tanya! God, what have you turned me into!!

Anonymous said...

mya looks beautiful! so natural