Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh Kristin Cavallari, What Happened?

Damn it. I was just having an in depth conversation this weekend about how I was voting Kristin Cavallari as hotter than Lauren Conrad. Now don't get me wrong, I wouldn't toss LC out of bed because she drools on the pillow, but still, I always thought Kristin was know, in a skanky kinda way. The good way. Anyway, Kristin was looking ho-hum (and not in the good way) at the Custo Barcelona fashion collection the other day on the blue carpet. Why she has a Martha Washington hairstyle and hiding her body in that Boca Raton motel bedspread is beyond me. And isn't she from Laguna Beach? Where the hell is her tan? It's July for cripes sakes!

Now I may also be bitter because Kristin recently told People Magazine that she was too busy for a boyfriend and is single and not looking. Well thanks for nothing Kristin. I could have given you best 43 seconds of your life. I'm totally kidding. 24 seconds.

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