Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Operation Sellout: IBBB is Part of The Hills Q&A Over at MTV

Ah kids. As I promised in last weeks post of finding new ways to sellout in year 3 of IBBB I have not disappointed. Well, maybe a little. Yours truly (that would be me) has left my footprint on The Hills. IBBB was contacted by the MTV blog to answer some questions in my typical jackass fashion on past Hills crapisodes. And as quickly as Lisa Loveless can comb her stringy hair, I jumped on the opportunity.

Please note, that there were 3 people who contributed to this. 1. A writer from Spin Magazine. 2. A writer from NY Magazine. 3. IBBB. That's right Mo' Fo's I was good enough. You know those other two writers are pissed I was included. Traded down for them! I will now sit back patiently and wait for the offers to pour in. I will push Best Week Ever to the top of the list. Followed by Chelsea Handler/Chelsea Lately. Followed by probably being knighted by the Queen. Crickets. Crickets. Crickets.

So, be sure to check out The MTV Blog by clicking here and show your love for their site and for my brilliant comments. There will be 3 more crapisodes in the next 3 weeks which I've provided my insight to. Stay tuned.

Thanks MTV. You're Greeeeeeeat!*

*Your're Greeeeeeeat has no affiliation with Tony the Tiger.



Anonymous said...

Is it me or are you the only one of those "bloggers" who doesn't take the hills seriously? It's like that nimrod from Spin doesn't even know it's scripted! Did MTV read your blog before they asked you to sell out like this? Because I think they're confused. Anyway congrats on this very esteemed accomplishment.

Dead Angel said...

You were entertainingly funny. To find anything to do with the Hills is like curing cancer, feeding all the starving children and setting up a city on Mars. Nothing is funny about these people, really unless you laugh at them they are sterile, stupid, grasping, weasels. Plus you just know that Spencer eats his boogers, I mean you just KNOW it. Ugh. I hope you don't feel to dirty. Go rest for the next recap of crap.

Anonymous said...

clearly the best blogger they asked to participate!

Anonymous said...

wooohooo....i knew when i came across justinbobby.com mtv would come crawling...i swear every week when i'd read your post i'd laugh so hard i would cry....congrats!!!!