Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Renny: Big Brother 10: Thank Christ!

I'm pretty sure that there's about 6 people watching Big Brother 10 and I'm one of them. See you guys at the meetings! Possibly the best Big Brother houseguest of all time is Renny, the 55 year old salon owner from New Orleans. To me, she's like that lady at the Bingo hall who smokes about 5 packs of cigarettes, plays 10 cards at a time, sips white zin out of a plastic cup, has 2 of her cats stuffed in her oversized purse, and has about 7 troll-dolls in front of her for good luck. And I love all of it. Renny also dresses like she's constantly filming a telenovela while living life in the house and when interviewed in the diary room it's like she's on Sabado Gigante. And I love all of it.

Renny's been calling people out in a way that makes you feel embaressed whilst watching because no one really acknowledges her while she speaks, but you know she's kinda right. And I won't lie when I say that I like the fact she has the same deepness in her voice as (my other favorite person in this world) Dina Lohan. Her outfits are kick ass in a way that this is what you'd expect your 100 year old grandmother to put on if you locked her in the attic and she forgot what year it was. Half the episode I'm expecting a crystal ball to be placed in front of her so she can "talk of times in the future."

In a Big Brother house of the typical characters that they've cast for the past 10 seasons (yes 10 seasons) Renny is a breath of fresh air....a breath of fresh crazy awkward air. If you've been watching you know that Renny is up on the block to be evicted tonight, but she's up against that other dude who tried to screw over the whole house. If these people have any sense they'll keep her. She's, so far, the only reason to watch BB10. Although I'm sorta digging Libra too. She's a sass-master and I like that.

Renny for President in 2012! Who's with me!


little miss kitty litter said...

Big Brother blows.

Renny Martyn said...

Hello ImBringingBloggingBack Dawlin, I don't smoke 5 packs of cigarettes a day. I have played 10 cards at a time, Whaaaaaaaaaat. I love Chardonnay and I hate plastic cups. I only use them when drinking sodas during the day to save on the electricity bill. I love oversized purses, the bigger the better that's what I say! I use to have a troll doll when I was a teenager. You know everyone listens when I speak, I had you right dawlin. My voice, they don't call me the raspy cherry bomb from New Orleans for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!! Love always Renny Martyn AKA The One and Only Dawlin from New Awlinsxxxxxxxxxx