Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sherri Shepherd's Aborted Babies are So Fine With Her Decision

I know that this story is a day or two old by now, but something I heard last night really got me to thinking. Sherri Shepherd took to The View yesterday to clear up her quote about her many abortions she discussed in an interview the other day. She wants everyone to know that she was not glamorizing abortion and she has found peace with her decision after, she says, a woman once told her that when she dies and goes to heaven all of her aborted babies will be there and will say "hey mama" to her. I'm totally not kidding.

Now I'm not going to get in any sort of debate about abortions as I do not have a vaginastein and this blog focuses on other heavy hitting topics like cameltoe, the Olsen Sluts, Dinasaur Lohan, The Hills, and the like. However, I'm pretty certain that the aborted babies aren't going to be high-fiving Sherri once she gets to heaven. They're all like, "Mama! Hahaha! Remember when you did that thing to me that never allowed me to be born? Oh you! Water under the bridge. Now come here and give me a big hug! Let me show you around heaven!"

It must be fun to live in whatever world Sherri Shepherd lives in...whatever flat world that may be.

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Yvette said...

I was thinking the same thing. I was like is this really coming out of her mouth?