Monday, July 28, 2008

Shia's Truck is the Real Crime

By know you've heard of the Shia LaBeouf DUI accident from the other night. I say you heard about it before because it happened over the weekend while I was taking multiple naps and never blogged about it. Once I finally awoke from my sleep coma I saw pictures of Shia's truck which is all banged up. Isn't this the real crime? I mean, sure, driving drunk should never be done, unless you're really really really concentrating. Ok fine, it should never be done. But this truck really is the crime. What multi-million dollar movie star drives a sea-foam green F150? No really, who? Oh and did I mention Shia's a dude? Yeah, a dude driving the sea-foam express.

At 3:00 am Shia was allegedly driving three sheets to the wind when he cut off another car and the two collided. Both parties were taken to el hospital and Shia is supposedly having surgery performed on his left hand. Left hand? Just remember this, Shia. If the right side of the brain is controlled by the left side of the body then only left handed people are in their right mind. You're welcome.
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