Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Skank Blooms at Macy's

Happy Birthday, Macy's, your flowers may have some sort of STD now. Possibly. I would get them tested. In October Macy's turns 150 years old and felt that Christina Aguilera would be the perfect person to help celebrate the great accomplishment. I'm sure Mr and Mrs. Macy's are rolling around in their gold plated caskets.

The idea, according to Access Hollywood, to place Christina and her blond troll hair in front of a wall of flowers was to help honor the flower shows that Macy's used to have in California back in 1946. But the star power doesn't stop just there. Oh no, my friends oh no. There will also be photo shoots with Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, Jessica Simpson, and Tommy Hilfiger. What a treat. What a real pointless treat.


Anonymous said...

Weird choice! Especially with that scary Halloween hair going on.

Anonymous said...

I love that skirt, hell the whole outfit, as much as you may hate her, she looks good. At least she's got talent, which most of her contemporaries don't have. Britny, hell no.

I love that skirt, it's to die for.