Friday, July 11, 2008

So Alyssa Milano's Keepin' Busy

There are more stamps over these pictures than a postcard coming from Japan, but that won't stop me from posting them. So, uh, Alyssa Milano's been keepin' busy, huh? Alyssa was putting t-shirts up against the mascot monster dude from the Philadelphia Phillies. Good for her. Hopefully her "Who's the Boss" syndication checks are still being issued. I jest, of course they are and Alyssa is doing just fine! So fine, in fact, that she's in Philly promoting her MLB women's fashion collection called, "Touch" right before the game to literally 2's of fans.

Somewhere in this world Mona is promoting her new line of plastic underpants for those who have no control over their own bowels. Ay-oh, oh ay. Who's the Boss will be back in moment. Stick around.

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