Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, Uh, You Know How Caridee English is Still Alive?

How many seasons of America's Next Top Model have there been? 4 or 5 dozen? ANTM Season (insert correct answer here ___) winner Caridee English stole Tyra's weave, let her cameltoe pop, showed off her bruised leg, and took some awkward pictures with Rumer Willis at the Power of Paws party at the Heather Mills Gallery in NYC. So, uh, Caridee is a model right? This poor girl can't catch a break. Every picture I see of her looks not so flattering in the "pretty" department. I said it before and I'll say it again, Caridee English has Heidi Montag written all over her. It could be worse, she could be the girl 2 people over from her.

In other Caridee English news, because that actually does exist, Caridee has been rumored to have been making out with Ryan Sheckler from MTV's Life of Ryan at some club in NYC recently. Ryan had said about Caridee, "She wasn't so great with the conversation either."

Really? That's hard to believe. She's not so great with the "picture taking" either.

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