Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Talk Like Beckham, For Some Reason

Look, believe it or not I get contacted every day by PR companies who want me to blog about their client and what they're up to or some product their endorsing. Sure it could be part of my "Operation Sellout," but I never do it because, frankly, there's never anything in it for me and, let's face it, that's really what I'm all about. However, this time a friend of a friend had passed this info over to me. So basically, I was trapped. And, this person actually reads my site so I figured it's the least I can do. So here we go.....

David Beckham isn't going to be arrested for talking on his cell phone (in that strange squeaky voice) while driving his Range Rover. No sir. With more and more laws being put into effect that bans the use of talking on your cell phone while driving there must be a way out of this mess? Well, there is. David Beckham uses his (here we go) "Motorola H12 Hands-Free Device" for all his cell phone calls. In fact, David has said:

"Whenever I'm driving around LA or heading to practice, I use my Motorola H12 to keep me connected to my mobile phone."

What a treat. So ladies, buy this Motorola H12 and it's like you're sleeping with David Beckham. Guys, buy this Motorola H12 and it's like you're motorboating Victoria Beckham. Pedophiles, buy the Motorola H12 and it's like your "taking the Beckham's kids to the movies" if ya know what I mean. Buy. Buy. Buy.

How'd I do?

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elaine said...

.... puke....