Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thanks to Heidi Montag I Know Who I'm Voting For!!!!!

Who has time to listen to the issues that the presidential candidates are talking about? Certainly not me. I mean, I have television to watch. Well, finally there is an easy way for me to decide just who I'll be voting for come November! The Hills skank, Heidi Montag was photographed having lunch with John McCain's daughter, Megan, at The Ivy in Santa Monica, CA the other day. Clearly, I am now voting for John McCain. Thanks Heidi! What's ironic is that prior to the pictures I was just going to write in "Heidi Montag" whilst voting. Ok that's a lie. I was going to write in "Heidi's Chin for President and Her New Boobs for Vice President!" That's how a "write in vote" works, right? Eh, semantics.

These photos are just the beginning. Once Heidi worms and/or sing-dances her way into the White House just think of all the "tagging" Spencer can do all over the place? There will be press conferences in which Heidi can clear up any issues with Lauren and Audrina. And think of all the seagulls Heidi can chase on the front lawn of the White House while Spencer videotapes her new music videos. I mean at this point Bin Laden will basically just turn himself in.

All kidding aside, what kind of a world do we live in when a reality star is hanging out with a presidential candidates daughter? It's like if Bush's daughters were hanging out with Paris and Nicky Hilton at Hyde while he was campaigning. No wonder why 99% of the others countries out there hate the United States. Now, thanks to Heidi, even the United States hates the United States.


Fan Of IBBB said...

OMG...what is the world coming to? Seriously? I think Heidi is once again just trying to find the coat tail of someone else to ride on, as if Lauren didn't get her far enough. Please dear GOD, if John McCain does win, by some miracle, don't let Heidi sing at his inauguration...AMEN.

Anonymous said...

So funny! You're a great writer.