Friday, July 18, 2008

A Very Special Lohan New York City Party

My favorite Lohan, Dinasaur Lohan, is doing her damnedest to keep herself and her kids out of the spotlight. Ways in which she does this includes, but are not limited to, (1) starring in her own reality show in which all of her children (minus) Lindsay are featured and (2) making sure she hits the red carpet for some paparazzi photos with her son, Michael Jr, at the Sephora 10th Anniversary party in NYC. Good job Dinasaur! I'm sure you won't get hounded by the paparazzi anymore with this new strategy that you've implemented.

Anyway, at the Sephora 10th Anniversary party was also Lindsay, but she didn't arrive with her mom Dina or her brother. Lindsay No Pants was on the red carpet accompanied by literally hundreds of thousands of freckles, a Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" back up dancers sparkly rainbow (subliminal message) dress, and a Freddie Krueger hat. Inside her alleged lover, Samantha Rotten, was working inside the DJ booth, but would come out every once in a while to check on Linds.

Now I have a question. Does Dinasaur know her hair doesn't look real? Not even a little. For decades men have been made fun of when their toupees don't look real so I think it's only fair that we turn the tables on "women's toupees" that look like someone stapled 15 Barbie heads to their scalp.

P.S --> Where was Ali? I will assume she's taking this opportunity to get a nose job.

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murray said...

what makes it even more annoying is that she wears it EXACTLY the same way alllll the time...and she's always playing with it, as if it looks good....her hairstyle is sooooo 1999. i just hope her assistant isn't surfing the internet to find out who's talking about her....than get her lawyers after me...